Gazebo UK Planning Permission For Aesthetic Look

Planning Permission For Gazebo UK

Planning Permission guide for building a gazebo

Having a gazebo in your outdoor space or your house garden is the dream of everyone who wants to add an aesthetic look in and out of their house. The gazebo makes a difference in the garden after being designed and installed carefully. This gives your garden a cozy vibe, where you can feel nature more than before. Despite having so many positive aspects building often requires planning permission for Gazebo, so it would be wise to analyze and inspect whether you need UK Gazebo planning permission before building a gazebo Otherwise you may waste your money and time if you do not do the prep before. In this blog, you may find all the details regarding building a gazebo structure outside your house.

Introduction of Gazebo

A gazebo is a structure that usually be found in gardens and parks but many people love to build it in their backyard. It is generally used for entertainment and relaxation purposes. Many people just sit for long hours under the gazebo to find peace of mind. The question remains the same about whether should we call a gazebo a building or not.

 The gazebo has different sizes and people may use it for different purposes according to their taste and choice. Some may use Gazebo for shelter from rain and sunny days, some use it for rest or relaxation while others merely use it as an ornamental or decoration piece in the landscape.

What is the planning permission for the Gazebo?

Planning permission is the legal authorization from the local council or authorities to build or make any changes outside the environment of the house. The reason for this is to make sure that you are not negatively affecting the country’s building regulations and codes, zoning laws, and neighborhood surroundings.

However, planning permission is not required for every structure. If the gazebo is temporary and does not last more than 28 days, with no sleeping accommodation then you can structure it without planning permission for Gazebo UK. There is also one exception to a planning permission is “exempted development”, which refers to any development which does not impact the community and has minimal to least impact on the environment. Building a garden gazebo falls under the category of exempted development.

Criteria to meet Exempted development

There are some standards and criteria, if the development falls under this criterion then it is an exception to planning permission.

  • The height of the structure does not exceed 2 to 2.5 meters.
  • The installed structure does not exceed 30 square meters of the ground area.
  • It must be 20 inches away from your boundary of the property.
  • It must be 10 feet away from any public roads or property.

Permitted development rights

Permitted development rights will allow anyone to make small alterations and amendments to your property, as it does not involve any big changes that may affect the surroundings or neighborhood so you don’t need planning permission for it. If you want to install a gazebo under your house boundaries, within the criteria of size, height, and proximity described above then you are good to go without planning permission but it is always safe to consult your local guidance authorities before making any improvements.

When does planning permission required for Gazebo?

If you are planning to install a big gazebo that may exceed the permitted height and ground space of neighborhood boundaries, then you are required to seek Gazebo UK planning permission before it. In another case, if your garden and surroundings are already 50% covered with pergolas, sheds, and summerhouses then you must seek permission to build a gazebo or construct any building near it. Sometimes you may be asked to remove any of your existing structures before building the new one.

Key elements or factors to consider before building a Gazebo

Who doesn’t want a gazebo in their backyard, everyone does, but you should be mindful of some elements that must be considered before building a gazebo, which are as follows:

·         Size and height of Gazebo

The size and height of the gazebo matter a lot when building it in your garden or your backyard. Make sure it won’t exceed the permitted size and height. If it has a low and small structure, then you don’t need to go to planning permission for Gazebo UK but asking for guidance is always helpful.

·         Site of Gazebo

The site or location of a gazebo is the second most important thing you should consider before building it. If your gazebo is close to neighborhood property or boundary, then you may be restricted or need to ask for planning permission.

·         Property in a Conservation area or listed building

If your property is in a conservation area or listed buildings, then you may not be allowed to build a gazebo because of its historical essence and special architectural preservation.

·         Use of gazebo

The use of a gazebo matters a lot in the construction of it. If you are solely using the gazebo for amusement or recreational purposes, as in the case of a garden gazebo or making a sitting area under the Gazebo in your backyard, then it is permitted to do so.

Successful in planning permission for Gazebo in the UK

If you are thinking that planning permission is just a piece of cake, then you are not right. Sometimes you won’t be allowed or permitted to build Gazebo under your area of land. The first piece of advice is do not think that the planning and guidance officer or counselor is your enemy, they are just doing their job and guiding you on what is best for you. If they want additional information and ask you to change or modify your plans, then it must be for your benefit rather than theirs. They ask for the information just for your desired approval by the committee members.

Understanding planning permission through the planning portal website

You have already designed and selected the theme for the gazebo but did not consult with the local council or check the planning portal website, you are putting your whole effort in endanger. They are here for your service. They will guide you about the requirements and procedures for constructing the gazebo in your area. You can find useful information on the planning portal website.

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