King Von Autopsy Report Discloses Shocking Facts

king von autopsy

Who Is King Von?

King Von is a famous young rapper in the industry, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 9, 1994. His real name is Devon Daquan Bennett. King Von father was in prison and got killed there too when King Von was only 11 years old. His childhood and stage of adolescence were tough. He was involved in the crime since he was a teenager which led him to go to prison when he was just only 16 years old. His life changed in 2018 when he started to write the song and became popular among youngsters with his dark and deep song lyrics. Here, is the Recent News Update about him.

How King von Died?

On November 6, 2020, at 3:30 A.M. King Von died. His death was an unfortunate incident that happened outside the Atlanta nightclub. King Von gets involved in an argument with two groups at a suburban Atlanta nightclub. Of those groups, one of them was associated with rapper Quando Rondo. The conflict got too heated which turned into a fight and resulted in the shooting. King Von was unarmed and got shot by a person named Timothy Leakes. King Von was brutally shot by him, then his group members took him to the hospital. Where he leaves this eternity world due to his massive injuries.

At the time, when this tragedy happened, two police officers were off duty and were working as security at the club. Whereas one police officer was on duty near the club. When they heard the gun firing, they rushed to the incident place, from which two officers fired additional shots when they entered the club parking. King Von had already been taken out to the hospital before their arrival. The police officers confirmed that two people were killed and four were injured during the firing.

King Von Autopsy report

Nobody wants to believe the sudden and shocking death of King Von. At first, everybody thought that Twitter and social media were just circulating rumors but after King Von’s friends and family confirmed his death. On 10 November 2020, the autopsy report of King Von was released by the Fulton County Medical Examiner, in which he discloses that King Von was shot at least 6 times. The gunshots were on his chest and head. The bullet passes in from the front of his head and out from the back of his skull, which might be the main cause of his death.

Furthermore, King Von’s autopsy report revealed that the alcohol level in his blood was 0.19%, which is far above the legal limit for consuming alcohol. He was heavily drunk before he died. Vons Autopsy shows no sign of defensiveness and the wound divulges that the shots were fired at close range.

Criticism and Controversy against king Von’s Autopsy report

After King Von’s autopsy report became public, the people criticized it due to the revealed facts. Most people criticized Von’s death as not an incident it was a murder by legal law enforcement and Devon Daquan Bennett (King Von) was executed by the police because he was shot in front of the head. However, some people spread the rumor that King von Autopsy was tampered with to cover up the law enforcement act of King Von’s Shootout. The pathologist who did King Von’s autopsy Dr. Edmund Donoghue reported to the media that King Von was shot three times in the chest and one time in his head

King Von Autopsy leaked picture

Even before the King Von autopsy report came in front of the public, the graphics of King von Autopsy were leaked and circulated over social media channels. The picture was highly disturbing, in which King Von was lying down on an autopsy table and the stitches on his chest can be seen in the picture, which is truly heartbreaking for the friends and family of King Von, to see their loved one in such a situation after death.

Some people got sad after seeing that picture, while many of them got provoked and claimed that leaking the pictures of King Von’s autopsy was a disgusting act and brings displeasure to us. People who circulate and leak these kinds of pictures have no emotions, they do not have any slightest idea how King Von’s family reacted to that picture and how their emotions get triggered again and again, whenever they see his autopsy picture come in front of them on social media.

King Von leaked CCTV footage

 After the incident and confirmation of the death of King Von, someone leaked the CCTV footage of the incident. In that video, King Von has been seen coming out from the Atlanta nightclub with a group of people who were fighting with each other and after a few seconds, a guy can be seen in the footage who brings his gun out and opens fire on King Von. He manages to escape from the scene but the King Von has been seen lying down on the road. After some moment his group of people brought him to the hospital.

The aftermath of releasing King Von’s autopsy report

After the King Von autopsy report was released, the people accepted the fact that his death was a tragic incident. The report also confirms that King Von died due to the injury to his head, chest, and back. The aftermath of King Von’s death can be witnessed by looking at his friends and family. He leaves three children behind him.

As a younger father who just died at the age of 26 years, he must have planned a bright future for his children, which he could not make possible due to his sudden death. King Von’s death is proof of how much gun violence has increased in America and every year it results in the death of talent from our society. The death of King Von is a tragedy in so many ways and the aftermath effects of his death can be witnessed on his family & friends and rapping industry. 

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