Jayda Wayda Net Worth – A Short Overview of Her Success!

Jayda Wayda

If you are interested in knowing the amazing facts about Jayda Wayda, then you are at the right place. This blog entails all the information about her. Let’s get started.

Jayda Wayda’s age and bio

Jayda Wayda is a famous entrepreneur, Youtuber, a public figure on various social media platforms as well as an author. She was born in Savanah, Georgia, U.S. on 25 September 1997, and now she is 25 years old as of 2022. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She is a mixture of African American origin which became her nationality. Her career brings her to Atlanta Georgia, where she is working on the growth of her clothing brand. She has two siblings, her sister’s name is Ameerah, and a brother named Len.

Jayda Wayda Height and weight

Jayda Wayda’s height is 5 foot 1 inch or 154 centimeters. Her weight is 58 kg right now. She has a curvy hourglass body which makes her modeling career a boost.

Jayda Wayda education

Jayda Wayda is also known as Jayda Ayanna. She did her schooling at Windsor Forest High School and she has been a creative student since then. She earned her graduation degree from the University of Georgia.

Her businesses

 Jayda Wayda has her clothing brand under the name of Jayda Wada L.L.C. in early 2021, The name of the clothing line that she chooses is Waydamin Merch. She is a self-made businesswoman who launched her first brand at a very young age when she was only 23 years old. The conviction, passion, and determination she carries within her is reflected in her personality. Jayda Wayda is not limited to only one brand she also owns a human hair brand named New Times Hair. Her products are top quality, as she chooses real human hair for it, which does not proceed chemically and retains all the natural hair cuticles, which makes her different than others. New Time Hair is a world-famous manufacturer of hair products with thousands of salon partnerships built over the years of 10 years of period.

Jayda Wayda Product’s demand

The salons that are using her hair products are quite impressive because according to them the hair products and toupee they buy from New Times for their customers, will not only be liked by customers but also bring business and customer loyalty to the salons. The New Times hair is the leading among its competitors because of its quality and various hair-supporting accessories. She worked hard to make her hair brand a large manufacturer of hair products toupee, in the world.

Jayda Wayda Net worth

Approximately, Jayda Wayda net worth is 4 Million Dollars, which she made from her own business and her social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She also took the sponsorship of big fashion brands and worked as an ambassador of the Pretty Little Things campaign.

Jayda Wayda and her social media

Jayda Wayda is a popular celebrity on social media platforms she has over 8 million followers on Instagram, where she posts about fashion, skin, or hair care tips as well as pictures of her and what’s going on in her life. Besides Instagram, she also has an appearance on YouTube with her very own YouTube channel of over 360k subscribers, where she posts blogs about her daily routine and videos with her family. She also has Twitter and Snapchat accounts where she has many viewers.

Jayda Wayda Career

From a sweet 16 girl, Jayda has transformed herself into a self-reliant millionaire. For her consistency is the key to success. She did not limit herself to a single business. She chooses to be an entrepreneur, a successful author, a fashion diva, and a social influencer who has a wide reach on social media platforms.

Jayda Wayda Author

Jayda Wayda started writing hair tips and skin care hacks and tips for her Instagram and social media fam but after some time she became a published author and wrote books and journals about success, planning, and entrepreneurship. She also earned fame by becoming a writer.

Her Boyfriend and Kids

In 2016, Jayda was in a relationship with the rapper Lil Baby and their long-term friendship turned into a romantic relationship between them. They broke up in 2018 when Jayda confirmed her breakup with him. Just after the breakup, Jayda finds out that she is expecting, and her pregnancy news brings Lil Baby back to her as he wants to take care of her during the pregnancy period. In February 2019, the couple was blessed with a baby boy. They named him Loyal Armani.

Jayda Wayda and Lil Baby together?

There was a rumor circulated that Jayda and Lil Baby are back together but it is not true. They were together only for the pregnancy period but now they are not. Jayda Wayda is a single parent who is taking care of her boy by herself. Nobody knows why their almost 9 years of long relationship ends but they know that they did it for the good. She is not in a relationship with anyone now. As she is living her best single life you can witness on social media, regardless of how she feels her inner self.

Jayda Wayda Lifestyle

Jayda Wayda is a well-known model who worked for various high fashion end brands. Along with her own business, she also does other brand sponsorship and works as an ambassador. In 2021, she worked in matte collections for the Pool Week ramp show. She amazed the judges on the show with her passion and style and the interaction she had with others. Jayda Wayda is so concerned about her physique as she regularly hits the gym and her nicely formed body is proof of it. She is living a luxurious lifestyle by having expensive jewels and doing a luxurious and rich style of shopping with her child. She owns a rich girl lifestyle and why not? What would she do otherwise with all of her money?

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