Great Western Building Lawsuit – The Mystery of Leagle Construction!

Great Western Building lawsuit

In recent times, the construction industry has been shocked by the great Western building lawsuit. This could not happened if things were crystal clear between the parties. What happened? Who was responsible for all this? You want to know! Today we will delve into the story of the creation of the modern and fascinating building but unfortunately, it turned into a battle. Real estate and construction companies should learn from this, how to deal with their clients and handle situations. Let’s discuss the focal points related to this case.

Great Western Building Historical Background

The Great Western Building lawsuit was initially started to transform the whole city look. The avant-garde and fascinating designs were made by designers, and developers wanted to build these cutting-edge and modern styles. Legal issues turned this dream into a massive war. This legal issue has happened because of unclear thoughts and agreements having both parties, architects and designers. Neither did they discuss things properly nor complete proper paperwork along with detailed clauses. An unclear understanding of the project had increased the complexity between parties. 

Communication Breakdown Effects

Lack of communication has become a root of legal issues. Parties did not discuss things properly like payment methods, when the project will be done, and who will make changes. The designer wanted to make changes according to his imagination but the architect wanted to make changes because of safety concerns. Unclear thoughts ended up with mess, fights, and finally grievances.

The legal accusations:

Great Western Building has been accused by the lawsuit of corrupting us in the building-making process. The lawsuit blamed them for constructing unsafe buildings because of not using pure material and accused them of showing fake reports to trick clients. Carelessness and lying are proof of their unprofessional attitudes toward the construction.

Defense justifications:

In the defense of these allocations, the Great Western Building lawsuit had given its legal justifications. Their legal team denied all accusations and said our construction has fulfilled all your requirements and rules and if something bad happens, it normally happens during construction periods or places. It cannot be controlled by anyone. They confidently showed their previous work history and successful project details and cleared them, their claims were not true.

Current status:

The great Western building company is in its observing phase where both parties are arranging and finding justified evidence for augments. The court has demanded the company’s authentic reports to check accusations. Great Western Building is following the investigation process and promises if it is their mistake, they will fix things completely. We don’t know yet what will be the court declaration but still, it decreasing the company’s reputation in the market.

Lessons learned and industry concerns:

  • The lawsuit holds much significance for the construction industry. It teaches everyone to be careful while signing an agreement or discussing about project.  Moreover, safety concerns should be your top priority. It’s a clean and clear warning for every company to do work properly with good ethics.
  • The lawsuit showed clearly that inappropriate working strategies,  unjustified reasoning, and corruption can get around you in financial crises. If you don’t work timely and as per your client’s needs, it could end up in court where you have to pay a big amount to rescue yourself. In this situation, most companies lose notable image in the market.
  • This case has been over-sensitive not only critical for construction sectors but for all of us, it mysteriously raises questions about every building and puts all the safety and businesses in danger. This case has opened up eyes for people to just watch and give care during construction or choosing a construction company.


The great Western building case has turned into a cautionary tale for architecture and designers, where art and craft combined to create something very amazing but it couldn’t happen. Because of ambiguous understanding and communication. The story advised us to work authentically and set up well-defined agreements and clauses before starting work to figure out our client’s needs. Try to get mastery in problem-solving skills, without spending money on legal processes.

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