Dog Cafes In London: 6 Paw Eat, Sip, & Play With Your Furry Friends

Dog Cafes In London

London is extremely welcoming of dogs in public areas. There are many choices of dog cafes in london to pick from. If you want the best cafe for a quick bite or a meal in the best puppy cafe London has plenty of cafes for your dog. Perhaps you don’t own a dog and would love to spend time with one. The good news is there are several spots within London where you can meet dog lovers, no matter if you’re a dog owner or simply a passionate dog fan. Friendly Dog cafes in London are gaining popularity, providing everything from grooming services for pets to doggy daycare, excellent coffee, and many more for your dog. There’s even the bug cafe serving cappuccinos as well as freshly cut strawberries. However, keep in mind that they are meant for pugs, not for you!

If you’re searching for the most popular dog-friendly cafes to visit in London, check out this article and find the top places to go if you’re planning to take your dog out for a day or just want to relax with adorable pups.

Dog Cafes in London – Top of the List Cuppapug

One of the most adorable dog-friendly cafés around London is this devoted pug cafe in Haggerston, east London. Dog owners are invited to bring their dogs along and play ball pit and eat sweet treats; however, six pugs live there to spend time with.

Cuppapugs ‘pugs have grown up and love to play with each other and with humans who visit there. They have a rotating schedule in the cafe and take regular breaks. Be aware that who you see on their website may not be who you see on a given day. It’s the best puppy cafe London that sells the pug’s favourite smoothies, hot drinks, pug-themed smoothies, snacks, as well as food for the pugs. They might let you give them an affectionate belly rub if you give them strawberries!

Cuppapug collaborates closely with the National Pug Protection Trust to assist foster- and adopted pugs. Visits are limited to one hour and the best dog cafes in London must be reserved in advance.

Love My Human Townhouse

This Pug Cafe London provides everything you might want for your dog, including pet daycare (and even an adult daycare club) to every aspect of dog health. The LMH Townhouse has a dedicated treatment room in which the canine holistic therapy therapists offer various treatments ranging from massage and Reiki therapy to chiropractic therapy and acupuncture. This is to ensure your dog is in good condition. 

Dog cafes in London, UK are among the most welcoming in town (although it’s not necessary to own a dog to eat here!). Pets can be spoiled with their menu that includes beef meatballs, beef wellingtons, sweet potato, and cod fish cakes – as well as desserts and tea options for the afternoon! But don’t worry, there’s a “human menu” that is just as tasty.

Pawsitive Cafe London

If you’re looking for a pretty dog cafe in London, you might want to try Pawsitive. Pawsitive is a jolly and fun cafe for pets and their owners. It is a London dog cafe that offers an excellent human brunch menu that combines traditional Malaysian dishes and modernized brunch staples. In addition, it offers a doggy menu.

Pawsitive’s menu for humans features Katsu Chicken Club Sandwich, Apam Balik, and Cream Cheese Fluffy Pancakes, and their menu for dogs includes Puppacinos, chicken pot pie, and Pupcakes. They also have a fantastic mocktail menu.

Post or before brunch, people can be caught up in seasonal crafts, such as painting by numbers or dried flower pressing. These crafts are readily available for purchase at your table. The pups can also enjoy a variety of things to do, with one of the best dog cafes in London offering its own dog swing and ball pit, as well as a custom-made play space.

Paws for Coffee

This dog-friendly café loves dogs so much that they have a menu for dogs while dining here. The Paws For Coffee pet menu is full of tasty treats. We’re sure your dog will love waging its tail at some of the tasty options like calves, hooves, dog sausages, and cappuccinos. For humans, there are traditional breakfast dishes such as The Big Breakfast Wrap, and there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. The Paws For Coffee cafe is worth mentioning! It’s one of our favourite cafes due to its relaxed atmosphere and fantastic food.

Easy to Locate Cafe

Hampton Hill is easy to locate and visit. It’s an excellent place to connect with other dog owners and also allows your dog to play with other dogs and playmates. We love this cafe because of its commitment to keeping every dog who visits the cafe pleased. They go the extra mile to create the best environment for both you and your pet. If you’ve been to this cafe, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. We believe that this is because their founder, Louise Rawlinson, is an experienced dog trainer and has a good connection with dogs generally.

The owner is a dog lover herself, and this is evident in her café. Though it’s a bit young at just four years old, the cafe has earned its reputation as a dog-friendly restaurant & sweet candy shop in London due to its welcoming and warm atmosphere. The best part about this place is for us. There are two menus available: one for you or your pet!

They offer traditional breakfast options that will surely make you feel full and satisfied. They also have a wide range of options, including plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices on their menu. For puppies, there are dog treats, including cappuccinos, sausages for dogs, and calves’ hooves in abundance. The cappuccinos, especially, are a popular choice. If you’re looking for training for your dog, they’re also partnered with Paws Academy. This offers different types of classes like classes in socialization as well as obedience classes.

Mr. & Mrs. Small

It’s known as the Cute dog Cafe in London, located in Marylebone. Additionally, this wacky company has a boutique for accessories along with grooming salons, a pet spa, and a doggy daycare as well. As you sip your white wine while sipping your flat white, you will be able to see fluffy-up dogs strutting out of the treatment area and displaying their sparkling coats.

This is one of the dog cafes in t London that is an extremely cozy and comfortable spot for dogs, with dog-themed décor and street views from large bay windows. However, you can also expect cakes, pastries, along with seasonal beverages. So, grab a slice of cake and check whether they have one or two of the most delicious desserts in London.

In addition, they can make a great pumpkin latte in the fall. But this London café for dogs is targeted at dog owners eagerly waiting for their pups. If you’re interested in taking a break from walking Regent or Hyde Park with a cuppa, this is the perfect café to visit.

Barkney Wick

This cafe is one of the most visited dog cafes in London. They offer delicious plant-based snacks such as cakes or lunches, coffee, and tea, as well as shared dog and human snacks. Local bakers make vegan sweets and pastries, and their food menus are carefully selected. The luxury cappuccinos they sell are well-known. They also sell lots of dog treats in bags. You could also buy some Lick & Mix pet bones to feed your dog.

They even have a separate dog menu. They also have an appropriately named After Bark Bar that serves drinks for dogs on weekends. (Yes, it’s correct.) There are also chew toys, balls, toys or pampering items, and even candles made by hand. You can find everything you need as a pet owner. Not to mention, they’re very environmentally friendly. All of their cups and packaging are recyclable. They also minimize their food waste, and if there is food left over in the middle of the night, they may also get a bag of it.

Frequently asked Questions About Dog Cafes in London

Are there dog cafés in the UK?

Yes, there are many dog cafés in the UK. These cafés are designed to welcome both humans and their puppy friends, offering a pet-friendly environment.

Where can I go to play with dogs in London?

You can visit dog cafes in London and parks to play with dogs. Cuppapug is the most reputable dog-friendly café to play with your puppy.

Where can I buy a Puccino’s in London?

You can buy Puppuccinos, a treat for dogs, from many pet-friendly cafés, including Pawsitive Café Cuppug, Paws for Coffee, Love My Human Townhouse, Mr and Mrs Small, and Barkney Wick in London. It’s a delightful way to treat your furry friend when you’re out and about.

How dog-friendly is London?

London is generally considered to be dog-friendly, offering many parks and cafes where well-behaved canines are welcome. Before bringing your dog along, always double-check their site and read reviews.

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