Money Pantry get paid to write

Money Pantry get paid to write

Primarily, it is a personal finance blog.  Furthermore, it aims to assist people by providing them with earning opportunities. Also, it is a vibrant online writing platform that allows writers and enhances their expertise. Money Pantry gets paid to write and is well familiar with your financial needs, and that’s why it is a worthy platform to achieve a lot!

Let’s explore writing opportunities with the Money Pantry

Money Pantry has opened its doors for an exciting prospect. However, interested writers can cover subjects or topics according to their taste. But ensure the content meets all the requirements of the best writing competition 2023 UK.

One more thing, the money pantry get paid to write only pays you when your submitted article is published. What would happen if an article would not be published? You will not achieve a single penny. So, ensure you are crafting a compelling and captivating article for submission.

Also, write on something other than a published topic on their site. If you possess sufficient writing knowledge and can write according to the given commands and quality content, then this opportunity is for you!  

It’s an opportunity and an excellent way to express your emotions in words. Also, a great way to make a potential earning.

Essential guidelines to write for money pantry

Provide at least 700 words

Usually, they love longer articles of about 1K to 2K words, but money pantry get paid to write also offers submission of short 700 words essays. So, before submitting, ensure you meet all of the instructions from the money pantry to get paid to write.

Consider an introduction and takeaway

It is essential to begin your creativity with an introduction. Also, when you complete the whole info, wrap up with the final words.

Use a friendly style

Whenever you write something, you’re conveying information to the reader. You must write well and craft engaging and compelling content to capture readers’ attention. Write in such a manner the reader considers himself as he is meeting with you, and the talks cannot end. Do not remember magazine-style writing; just write in a talking way as you talk with your friends.

Help the reader

While writing for a money pantry, will this article assist the reader financially? Give practical advice and tips that can be used in their lives. Also, express real-life examples.

Let’s link already published posts on the money pantry Use suitable keywords to link a post on a money pantry and get paid to write. 

Avoid external linking

Ensuring that the money pantry does not accept articles that include links to your site or others is essential. So ensures you didn’t do any external linking rather than the money pantry.

Unique and unpublished articles

Do you want a money pantry to accept your content? Yup? So craft unique, compelling, engaging, and captivating content.  Additionally, it ensures that the content was not previously published online. The submission will be rejected so that you will lose it.

Divide the content

Use the following strategies to write more compelling content that the money pantry should accept: 

  • Paragraphs should be 2-3 sentences longer. 
  • Also, make a single-sentence paragraph.
  • Give a visual break to readers.
  • Use subheadings
  • Also, bullet points
  • Besides this, you can see the live blogs on money Pantry gets paid to write for better understanding.

What kind of content should you write for the money pantry? 

  • The submitted contents should be related to money savings and earnings. 
  • Craft distinctive attention that should be used in daily life.
  • Do proper research, find content not covered in the money pantry, and get paid to write.

How much earnings will you expect from the money pantry?

The money pantry usually pays $30 to $150. Also, this interrogation relies on content quality and optimization.

Your content will be paid via PayPal once published on the official site of money pantry. 

What is the procedure to submit your post to a money pantry to get paid to write?

Firstly, use an HTML version and save it into a text file. Then, send this file to the provided email ([email protected]). Also, in the mail subject line,  type “Moneypantry Guest Post” and attach a file to send.


An important note: Moneypantry receives several pieces of content daily. Thus, it takes time to respond. So, be patient; you will get a response after two weeks or later. But, ensure a second reminder mail to Moneypantry if you don’t get an answer even after two weeks are passed.

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