The Best writing Competition 2024 UK

writing Competition UK

Do you want to enhance your writing talent? Let’s participate in a writing contest! Enrolling in a contest is not only a competition but an excellent opportunity. Writing itself is a skill, but it is further divided into many sub-skills such as fiction, nonfiction, scripts, and more. 

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The best writing competition 2024 UK

Are you skilled at creating emotions with words? Do you know how to win a writing contest? The best writing competition in 2024 UK offers several rounds with a wide range of talent. Are you a new writer? Worried about how you can win the writing competition in the UK.? Umm, being a new writer, don’t hesitate to apply for a writing competition. It could be a life-changing chance and an opportunity to be more creative! 

The UK. offers numerous writing competitions with cash awards or other potential. Thus, accept this competition as an opportunity and move on with more power to be a part of a contest.

Writing competition 2024 

We have already discussed the uncountable writing competitions held in the UK—every year. But in 2024, there is a few writing competition that you should enrol in to try your talent. Let’s discuss the writing competition 2024

The smoke long grand micro competition 2024 

Are you a teenager? Older than 18 years? Or above? Is it? So, this contest is for you. No matter if you love fiction or nonfiction. It’s also not required that you should be a hybrid writer. Nop. Whatever your writing skill is, complete a compelling 400 words project. However, the competition requires an entry fee, but no worries, it’s affordable. Usually, it starts from $13. But, you know what happens if you win?? You will achieve a cash prize of $1500. 

Bath flash fiction award 2024

Do you love fiction writing??? Umm, yes?? So, hurry up and enrol yourself in this contest. Are you thinking about the requirements? Relax, I am going to tell you. Are you 16 years older? Or more? Yes? So, you are eligible to show your talent in such a fantastic competition. However, you must pay the entry fee of £9 for one entry. Need multiple entries? You can get it, but you will also achieve some discounts. 

VII international flash fiction competition

Love to fiction? Have expertise in fiction writing? Is it fun for you? Umm, yup? Awww! An excellent opportunity this is. Most student use writing software Celtx vs final draft.

You will gladly listen to the Arabic, Spanish, English, or Hebrew writers eligible to participate. But, ensure you are submitting a 100 words project. Do not exceed the given word limit. It’s excellent news that you will not be charged an entry fee. Consequently, it’s an opportunity to achieve a reward of $20,000. One more thing, you should be 14 years older or above to take part in this writing contest.

Young writing competition 2024

There will be numerous young writing competitions in 2024. A few of them are discussed below;

Young writers award

The candidate should be lies in the age range of 14 to 16. Also, write a story of 1000 words, and let’s beat the competitors with your exceptional talent!

The young Walter Scott prize

Writers from 11 to 19 years older can participate and write according to the commands. In this competition, the candidate must be familiar with historical fiction writing. Furthermore, the story should not exceed or decrease the word count limit. Thinking, what’s the limit? It’s about 800 to 2000 words. Well, what will you get after winning this contest? A cash prize of £500. 

The Foyle young Poets of the Year award

Love to poetry? Passionate about poetry writing? Lies in the age of 11 to 17? This opportunity is for you!

The Christopher tower poetry prize 

To enrol, you should be 16 to 18 years older. Let’s decide on a theme, write at least two poems, and submit them via email.

School Writing Competition 2024

Atom Learning youth author award

Do you have literary skills? Let’s dive into this competition! There are no specific age requirements. Let’s enrol and compete.

C.A.A.B. Publishing writing competition

It’s a short story contest, and the story should be completed in 500 words. Also, after writing, let’s email this creativity to the organizer. Also, ensures you should submit before 31 Aug 2024.

Other writing competitions

  • Young Muslim Writer award
  • Poetry together competition
  • The young Walter Scott prize
  • One teen story

It does not end here. There are so many writing competitions left, as they are uncountable!

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