Top 15 Famous Mediums You Need to Know

Top 15 Famous Mediums You Need to Know

Famous mediums connect with spirits. They may easily link to cosmic dimensions due to their spiritual sensitivity. They channel spirits.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spiritual projection, detached viewing, automatic writing, and more allow psychic mediums to connect with spirits. This might involve communicating with a person’s soul or spiritual guidance to get messages and information during a psychic reading.

1. Trance Medium as well as Animal Rights Advocate Sheila Jones

Before her death aged 90, trance famous medium, animal rights activist, and psychic instructor Sheila Jones touched many lives. John Mainwood, Sheila’s chauffeur, saw around 250 trances. Her four spirit guides—one of them was Jesus—helped her converse.

2. Tyler Henry: Netflix Hollywood Medium

Tyler Henry’s Netflix series Life after Death demonstrates his psychic talents. Tyler communicates with deceased loved ones to bring closure, restoration, and comfort. Tyler’s ability to discover family secrets and surprising findings as he investigates his customers’ past and present sets him apart.

3. David Patrick Young: Renowned Medium

David Young, a talented worldwide psychic Famous mediums , left a lasting effect. He accurately predicted her father’s death, according to actress Anna Karen.

David was a gifted psychic new medium who died during a reading. He was amazing at giving strangers accurate personal information.

4. World’s Best Medium & Celebrity Psychic June Field

June Field is the best medium. June has traveled the world touching hearts and souls with her ability for speaking with ghosts. June had always known she could see spirits and was odd.

Jenny Brown as well as Glyn Edwards mentored her in spiritual connection, enabling her to impact others globally.

5. Psychic Remote Viewer Mary Lawton Johnson

Remote seeing psychic Mary Lawton Johnson found Alex Holland’s body. Mary’s skills helped officials find 27-year-old Alex face-down in a pool. Although Alex turned up, Mary linked with his soul on a street corner and saw him face down in water.

6. Celebrity Psychic Medium Jenny Docherty Uplifts

Jenny Docherty’s positive attitude has caught the attention of Women’s Weekly and Fate and Fortune Magazine. Psychic News’ April 2022 issue included Val Harber’s Jenny story.

Jenny helped Val communicate with her dead loved one throughout an Angel in Blue class. Jenny has been a psychic medium with Angel in Blue since that momentous experience, touching numerous people with her unique ability.

7. Glyn Edwards: Famous Psychic as well as Spiritual Sciences Teacher

Glynn Edwards was a UK psychic medium along with spiritual sciences instructor with over 35 years of expertise. His story and life’s efforts go on after his early 2019 death.

Glynn is most well-known for contributing to The Spirit World in Plain English alongside yogi Santoshan, a psychic and spiritual development classic.

8. Craig Hamilton-Parker: Unorthodox Spiritual Medium

Craig Hamilton-Parker, a new medium and spiritual instructor, believes in a global religion alongside his wife Jane. His unusual spiritual ideas have attracted individuals seeking a new perspective. After meeting paranormal yogis in India, Craig wrote Be Happy.

His openness to diverse spiritual approaches has made him a lifelong study. Craig trusts in the interconnection of all things and realizes his spirituality may differ from traditional beliefs.

9. Gale St. John: Crime and Missing Persons Expert Psychic:

Gale St. John, a famous psychic, teacher, and author, solves murders and finds missing people. For 35 years, she has taught psychic development classes.

10. David James: Clairvoyant and Tarot Expert:

David James has over 38,000 Kasamba evaluations as a clairvoyant, tarot, rune, and Oghman expert. He is a BAPS spiritual volunteer and a 2nd-degree Alexandrian witch.

David gives honest, reliable psychic readings that assist people comprehend their journey. He is a trusted psychic adviser with 25 years of expertise.

11. Seatbelt Psychic:

Seatbelt Psychic, like Cash Cab and Carpool Karaoke, has new and famous medium Thomas John pick up strangers and deliver messages from deceased loved ones. This on-the-go program suits John’s purpose of touching as many lives as possible, hoping he’ll meet the right individuals.

Lifetime canceled it after one season in 2018. However, the unscripted show has helped skeptics and nonbelievers accept mediumship messages.

12. Paranormal Children:

Children see items in the closet and have imaginary companions because they’re more connected to the other side. Psychic Kids: youngsters of the Paranormal connects youngsters with psychic skills to adult psychic mediums to develop their powers.

13. Pet Psychic Famous Medium:

Pets become family members, and losing them is sad. Sonya Fitzpatrick channels animals in The Pet Psychic. Fitzpatrick communicates with pet owners about cats, dogs, horses, and birds.

14. America’s Psychic Challenge:

Four psychics compete on America’s Psychic reading Challenge to determine America’s best. Contestants must pass many psychic tests in this thrilling show. They must match five brides and five grooms and uncover a man hiding in one automobile out of 50.

15. Rescue Famous Medium:

Rescue famous Medium follows international psychics Jackie Dennison as well as Christine Hamlett in seasons 1–3 and Alison Wynne-Ryder in seasons 4–7 as they assist lost spirits cross across. The psychics visit haunted homes to urge ghosts to leave. Possessions, poltergeists, and spirits occur throughout the seasons and must be dealt with.

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