The 6 Apps that Pay $100 a Day: Cash Apps UK

Apps that pay $100 a day daily

The advancement of technology makes it simpler than ever to earn with apps that pay $100 a day regardless of whether you do side jobs or earn rewards by making certain purchases. If you want to use Cash Apps in UK, you can provide your information and complete some tasks to make cash simply by using your phone.

There’s an abundance of cash-making apps available for people earning money in various ways, like cashback on purchases, performing tasks, or offering services.

The majority of these applications are completely free. However, some apps that pay $100 a day may require an annual subscription fee or a percentage of the revenue. Through the use of money-making apps, users can earn money in their free time as well as make money in a full-time job.

Top 6 Cash Apps UK – Apps That Can Pay $100 a Day

Rakuten is the best for cashback for online purchases

Rakuten can be described as an application that pays customers cash back when they shop across more than 3,500 shops online. The app works by partnering with various stores and receiving commissions on sales, which are then distributed to customers with the help of cash in the form of cash.

The most popular brands Rakuten has a partnership with include Etsy, Macy’s, StubHub, and Best Buy. Certain stores provide the possibility of earning more than 10% cash back for purchases.

Cashback can be earned when you shop through the Rakuten app or install the Rakuten browser extension. Rakuten browser extensions. You can also collect the earnings earned from purchases made in stores by linking your card to Rakuten within the app, after which you can use the card linked to pay at the counter. The earnings are distributed each year at least four times and are distributed via check or PayPal. This app has a free subscription so considered one of the best apps that pay $100 a day.


  • Free
  • A $30 referral rewards
  • Cash back is unlimited and available to everyone


  • The payouts are made only quarterly.
  • The majority of stores offer exclusions on things that aren’t able to bring cash in return.

Depop is the best way to sell clothing.

In Depop, the users can sell old clothing and accessories. Depop started as a networking site for creatives in the younger generation to meet new artists. The app has evolved into a widely used market with more than 30 million users registered.

Anyone can sign up through Depop to sell items. It also provides sellers services that help users learn the basics of selling their items on an online marketplace. When an item is listed, it may be liked or saved by interested buyers, and it has a chat feature integrated into the app so that buyers and sellers can interact. Sellers can also choose to provide international shipping.

Alongside clothes, there are also areas for magazines, sporting equipment and much more.


  • Everyone can market through the app
  • Sellers and buyers can communicate via an app-based chat feature


  • Depop is charged 10% from each sale

Swagbucks is a superbapp for tasks.

Swagbucks can be described as an all-in-one place to earn cash rewards for various activities. The tasks you can do to earn money by using the Swagbucks app are watching advertising videos, answering surveys, and making purchases on the internet. There is also cashback for purchasing certain items; simply snap photos of receipts following your shopping spree and add them to the application.

Every time you accomplish a task, you’ll earn an exact number of points. After that, points can be exchanged for gift cards from popular stores as well as cash or checks through PayPal. Then, every 100 points is worth $1, and Swagbucks claims that its users make between $50 and $100 each day.


  • There are many methods to earn cash, which include doing surveys, watching videos or purchasing from eligible merchants.
  • Points are redeemable in cash or can be converted to gift cards.


  • It could take as long as 10 days for the receipt of the rewards.

TaskRabbit, which is best for Local Tasks

TaskRabbit is a viable alternative for those who want to do some odd jobs now and then to earn an extra income in their own time. The application connects service companies- referred to as Taskers- and clients who require assistance in their locality. A few of the offerings you could offer through TaskRabbit include furniture, assembly, gardening as well as grocery shopping assistance.

Making an application to be a Tasker is easy. You download the app, pick the services that you wish to provide, and then complete the verification process. It is your choice to set your availability as well as rates. There is an initial fee of $25 for Taskers who wish to utilize the application.


  • Users may take on tasks in their own time to cover a range of tasks.
  • You decide your rates.


  • There’s a fee of $25 for registration, but it’s just a one-time charge.
  • There might be fewer opportunities offered in urban areas.

Fiverr UK, the best app for freelancers

Fiverr is an application designed to link a wide range of business owners and entrepreneurs to freelancers. The sellers, also known as freelancers on the app, can provide services across a variety of areas, including writing copywriting, website design as well as data engineering.

If you want to sell on Fiverr, it is necessary to sign up for an account and then go through the onboarding process. This requires you to watch a couple of instructional videos. Then, you’ll provide details about your skills, experience, background, and identity verification. Fiverr will then review your information to decide if you’re qualified to sell.

After approval, sellers can make gig packages that include three different levels of services they offer. The seller decides on the cost of each tier, and they can give services according to their timetable. The payment is sent electronically to the seller once the purchase is complete; however, it can take up to two weeks for the payment to be cleared in the event of a highly-rated seller. Sellers receive 80 per cent of the amount paid, and Fiverr gets a 20% percentage.


  • There are a variety of opportunities for freelancers.
  • Fiverr keeps the money from buyers before you deliver services, which means there is no need to worry about the possibility of buyers not being able to pay you.


  • Fiverr is a company that takes a huge portion of the payment
  • It usually takes up to two weeks before earnings become clear.

Survey Junkie is the best for taking surveys

Survey Junkie rewards the user for sharing views and online activities. Once you have signed up to the app, it’ll provide you with surveys that can be completed at your own pace and earn points. Additionally, you can earn points when you add a Survey Junkie Pulse extension to your browser. It will share the activities you conduct online (such as shopping as well as engagement with websites) with market research experts.

Why this app is one of the best apps that pay $100 a day Points may then be exchanged in cash using PayPal and gift cards from prominent retailers, so provided you’ve got at least 500 points ($5) to spend.

Survey Junkie states that all the data gathered from responses to surveys as well as digital activities are protected and directly collected by researchers. Users can choose the information they want to share to protect their privacy.


  • It is very easy to earn money with surveys or exchanging data.
  • There are only five dollars’ worth of points for redemption – however, some applications have higher requirements for redeeming earnings.


  • It is possible to pay out a small amount for surveys.

Wrap up

We hope this article will help you know more about UK apps that pay $100 a day. By using this app, you can earn money easily and at your own pace.

When you are looking to choose, an app must check out the reviews and fees. Always look for an app that offers earning possibilities without any investment to avoid any scams.

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