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fm company UK

Facility management is a critical aspect of ensuring the seamless functioning of any organization. The individuals responsible for overseeing these services are known as facilities managers. The primary role of FM Companies UK involves ensuring that all systems within an environment work cohesively, contributing to the overall success of an organization. The focus is on maintaining the safety, comfort, and sustainability of core assets such as buildings, properties, and equipment, which play a pivotal role in the daily operations of businesses.

Facility management services are broadly categorized into two sectors: Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM) and Soft Facilities Management (Soft FM).

Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM)

Hard FM company deals with the physical assets of facility services, encompassing elements that are integral to the building and cannot be removed. Examples include electrical maintenance, plumbing and drainage maintenance, elevator and door maintenance, and building fabric and repairs. These services aim to provide support, security and enhanced productivity within the built environment.

Soft Facilities Management (Soft FM)

Soft FM emphasizes tasks performed by people, enhancing the overall workplace environment. Services include housekeeping, waste management, sanitization, pantry services, and odor removal. These contribute to creating a pleasant, secure, and hygienic workspace.

Hard FM Coompanies typically covers the below services

Electrical Maintenance

The electrical maintenance service is an essential service for facility management which is vital for both commercial and residential properties. It covers addressing any issues with voltage, as well as the installation and testing of electrical appliances like heating or cooling systems, as well as compression systems. This is essential not only to ensure the comfort of those who use it but also to ensure their safety.

Plumbing & Drainage Maintenance

Leaks in drains or blocked taps could cause problems and a mess for the people. So, drainage and plumbing problems must be addressed promptly. The most frequent cause of problems for residents as well as commercial structures so plans to address the problem should be planned by the staff responsible for it.

Elevator & Door Maintenance

Maintenance of not just automated doors, but also regular elevators and doors are essential for the maintenance of a home and commercial structure. If elevators or doors don’t function properly, they could cause lots of disturbance between people. Maintaining elevators is essential for safety and security as well.

Building Fabric & Repairs

The service offered by this facility not only includes wallpapers, carpets curtains, carpets and more. but also repairs to furniture, such as tables and drawers and making sure that all cabinets are equipped with lock and key. This helps secure home maintenance.

Soft FM Company typically covers the below services


The housekeeping services offered by Facility management or FM companies UK comprise formal and informal daily rounds as well as duty and task list training security and compliance, and numerous others.

They also offer residential and commercial cleaning and housekeeping services to their valued customers.

Waste management

The company that manages facilities provides a wide assortment of services for managing waste for both commercial and residential customers. 

The facility management service comprises garbage collection recycling, roll-off containers, rentals, biodegradable waste, and composting.

Sanitization services

This COVID epidemic has shown all of us the importance of sanitizing our possessions and the environment. So, we make sure that every firm measure is taken to stick to the data.

Covid guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation. Sanitization of all common areas should be performed regularly to ensure hygiene and to avoid getting infected.

Pantry Services

The services will ensure your pantry is outfitted with RO purifiers Tea/Coffee Vending Machines and water coolers, warmers for food, and the essential Crockery. All the equipment and supplies need to be checked regularly for proper operation, temperatures and also cleaning the inside of the machine. 

Monitoring the count of crockery cutlery, as well as the supplies. Cleaning the cutlery and other crockery tidy and clean according to the standard maintained for hygiene in the pantry and serving guests and householders who are on the premises according to the industry’s best practices and SOPs.

Odour Removal

Many things can cause persisting odors. They are not related to the quantity of cleansers you use. They are experts in the removal of odors for all kinds of commercial or industrial establishments. 

The areas that have trash lodgement, lift stations, drains, and grease traps are the main locations that are susceptible to developing odors that require maintenance.

List of the 5 Best FM Companies uk

OCS Company

OCS Company, established in 1900, is an international facility management company with a rich history. Serving over 20,000 customers in the UK and Ireland, OCS focuses on providing well-structured solutions through its two brands, OCS and Landmark. 

This company has over a century of experience and has a profound impact on customer and end-user experiences.

B38 Group

B38 Group of FM companies UK aims to position itself as one of the top facilities management companies in the UK. 

It is offering a range of commercial property support services, including property maintenance, cleaning, compliance, and energy services

 B38 Group has gained recognition with over 4182 client sites, an annual revenue of 17,400,000, 466 employed staff, and three locations across the UK.


TCFM is one of the most popular FM companies in the UK. With over 55 years of experience, TCFM has become one of the top 2% cleaning and security facility service companies in the UK. 

TCFM has a workforce of over 6000 employees and specializes in cleaning services, security services, specialist services, and facility management services. Their flexibility and commitment to sustainability make them a preferred choice across multiple sectors.

Entire Facilities Management

Established in 2009, Entire Facilities Management stands out as one of the best facility management companies in London.

It has approximately 234 team members and five regional offices in the UK. Entire FM companies UK offers comprehensive facilities management services. These services are including Mechanical and Electrical, Grounds Maintenance, Security and Concierge, Pressure Washing, and Vending solutions.


 Anabas no doubt recognized for providing high-quality facilities management services tailored for premium workspaces. With over 500 employees and 150+ sites across the UK, Anabas designs facilities management services that visibly differ from typical corporate workspaces. Known for Boutique Facilities Management, fully engaged staff members, brilliant basics, and great experiences, Anabas is a top choice for those seeking a distinctive approach to facility management.

Final words 

These top 5 Facilities Management Companies in the UK exemplify excellence in providing a wide range of services. The services that contribute to the efficient functioning and well-being of organizations. Whether it’s ensuring the physical integrity of buildings or creating a pleasant. They also ensure a secure workspace in the UK. These companies play a crucial role in supporting the diverse needs of businesses across the UK.

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