Best 5 London Walking tour ideas, Tips free to do it Yourself

Best 5 London Walking tour ideas

Apart from London walking, tour ideas are not only a great way to keep you fit but also allow you to encounter beautiful London streets that are quirky and fun-filled with colorful history, and unlimited adventure. London is full of those picturesque places that need to be discovered by locals and international tourists, without spending money on tips. There are multiple places for walking tours in London. From food streets and restaurants to historical museums and iconic landmarks, there are a lot of eye-boggling places catering to different interests. So, dust off your shoes and pack your bag to explore London through walking tours. In this article, the London Dream author will delve into those choices and interests and will suggest the best London walking tour places and their advantages and amazing experiences.

If you are a historian, you’ll love this walking tour of the streets of London. Stepping into historical places connects you from the past to the present. It is an ideal way to know facts and culture about society and people. You can know layers of heritage and most importantly by knowing history, you’ll be able to know the significance of events that shaped societies. Creatively, walking and encountering culture and stories allows us to re-live the past. It is the greatest expression of walking tours to explore historical places in London. In which anyone can easily get lost or melt away in imagination.

Listening to local stories, watching things in museums, touching sculptures, and sight-seeing royal masterpieces of historical buildings and monarchs are valuable for everyone. On the other hand, reading books in the library by reading maps, the ancient history of past treasures, and the love of poetry, is incredibly equal to an awesome feeling that can’t be described in words. It may only be felt by walking in these places in London. It includes Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the British Library, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, ST Paul Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London. By witnessing these fascinating adventures your soul will be happier from the inside out. It couldn’t happen through transportation. That’s why a walking tour is the best option to get pleasure from historical places.

One cannot deny enjoying the real pleasure of shopping and re-filling their hunger by indulging in scrumptious foods on London streets. Shopping and hunger are necessities for every tourist. It’s not possible to resist not exploring food centers, carts, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, and centers. Both places need to be visited by walking tours to enjoy fully and core from the heart. From local specialities to international cuisine, all is available, you can enjoy it according to your taste buds.

Trying different cuisines allows you to explore multiple cultures, cooking techniques, and diverse taste buds around the world. Walking tours in different food hotspots provide you with an opportunity to know and sit with different people, and understand them as local. In the list of food spots we have on top is Chinatown. Which is known for its all-international cuisine from noodles to barbecue. You can fulfil your craving ultimately.

Another great option we have is Brick Lane. Where there are various curry houses, café, and bagel shops to visit and eat their yummy food. There is lots more to discover in London for food lovers. It includes Southbank Center food market, Bermondsey beer miles, Borough Market, Covent Garden market, and Spitalfields market, all just waiting for your exploration.

Every international tourist once wants to visit Harry Potter’s real-life locations to explore and relive those experiences they watch in the cinema. It’s like another kind of joy to explore those locations that can only happen through walking tours to visit those magical places. This walking tour is not only a reason to explore London. But it also enhances the connection with the story of Harry Potter. You can create memories by taking pictures, discussing the series with the locals, and many more. The House of Harry Potter shop on Platform 9 ¾, the House of MinaLima, Millennium Bridge, Leadenhall Market. These locations are full of merchandise, artwork, and architecture that are worthy to watch and a great source of exploration. You can take pleasure in old memories regarding movie series.

Classic natural beauty and Royal Park walking tours

Don’t worry our naturalist and outdoor enthusiast on the bucket list of London walking tours ideas, we have inspiring and wondrous for you, which is none other than the classical natural beauty of London. There are various scenic beautiful tranquil ponds, full of greenery parks, flower-filled gardens, lightning streets & Light houses. London streets inspire you in their way, showing you colours, hope, positivity, and calmness. All are teaching you something. You can melt away yourself by stepping into this heaven for the sake of inner peace. These incredible places include Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and St. James’s Park, Serpentine Gallery and Buckingham Palace, Thames Path along with river beauty and wildlife. You can perform activities in these places like cycling, riding, and picnicking but these are optional and you can choose any activity according to your interest.

Dive into the street artwork walking tour

To create a deeper understanding of London’s customs, culture, ideologies, and the perspectives of different people and societies. Street art can portray everything perfectly and it would be easy to observe all of these on walking tours. Observing these artworks and discussing with locals about that particular idea takes you closer to a deeper understanding. These walking tours are beneficial for your mental growth and improve your imagination. It allows you to capture art through photography. Without spending any penny, without an expert guide, you can create a lot of memories and enjoy fun-filled adventures that will become lasting memories.


Tip-free or paid guided tours are expensive as compared to tip-free or self-guided London walking tour ideas. It takes you to another world of fantasy, imagination, fun, and mind-blowing adventures. It just costs you time and attention. On the other side walking is a healthy habit that not only gives you physical wellness but also provides you peace of mind. It’s worth it! Are you ready for a walking tour to explore the hidden gems of London?

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