How many Lighthouses in UK

The coastline of the UK is filled with over 60 lighthouses in uk, stretching from Lizard Point in Cornwall to Muckle Flugga, the second most northerly island in Britain. (For a lighthearted moment, try Googleing Berry Head Lighthouse, a quirky five-meter-tall structure in Brixham, Devon.)

Over the generations, these lighthouses in uk have taken a big part in guiding ships away from treacherous shores. Few of them, having been retired or automated, now provide everything you love from self-catering accommodations or beautiful beds to breakfast options. Ever dreamed of spending a night in a lighthouse?

We have put together a list of those offering the best sea views, situated in remote island locations, and featuring design-led rooms that make docking a pleasure.

Looking across the tempestuous Irish Sea, Corsewall Lighthouse has been a guiding light for sailors traveling between Scotland and Ireland since 1817. 

The lighthouse’s light was automated in the 90s, and now it has an 11-room B&B, a restaurant, and many more. It is known as an excellent base for enjoying Scotland’s wild landscape, with attractive views of Ailsa Craig across the Firth of Clyde. Spend your days spotting birds and sea life or traveling to the nearby Galloway Forest Park, renowned for its stargazing opportunities.

Children of the 80s might remind us of St Anthony’s Lighthouse from the opening credits of Jim Henson’s TV series Fraggle Rock.

Perched on the craggy tip of the Roseland Peninsula, this lighthouse offers seclusion in its two-bedroom Sally Port Cottage. It’s accessible via a 300m footpath from the cliffs above. The cottage features a country-style kitchen, a wood burner, and a brilliant observatory room.

If the beauty of the cottage doesn’t keep you anchored, St Mawes and the Lost Gardens of Heligan are within a half-hour drive.

In 1999, this 19th-century lighthouse was moved 17m away from the edge of crumbling chalk cliffs. Its unique engineering allows for future adjustments as erosion continues. Operating as a B&B for over a decade, Belle Tout draws guests with its whitewashed accommodation and views across the English Channel.

The Keeper’s Loft, though cozy, offers an authentic experience. Go for walks along the Seven Sisters or eastwards to Eastbourne, taking in the splendid beach views.

This beautiful lighthouse was declared attractive by estate agent The Modern House. This 18th-century lighthouse received a nod from Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and served as a Second World War lookout before its conversion by architect Studio Mackereth.

This wonderful lighthouse also features curved bunk beds and a modernist extension leading to a garden designed by Chelsea Flower Show winner Chris Moss. Winterton Lighthouse in united kingdom provides a serene escape. Enjoy panoramic views from the Lantern Room and see the attractions of this coastal retreat.

This 19th-century lighthouse at the mouth of the River Usk offers four guestrooms arranged around a wish well.

Relaxation is the focus here. Everyone can take advantage of the facility’s on-site reflexology, Swedish massage, hydrotherapy treatments, and life coaching. The roof garden’s hot tub provides a serene spot for spotting cows and wild horses. Whovians will appreciate the presence of a Dalek and a TARDIS on-site.

Situated 20km off the North Devon coast on the secluded granite outcrop of Lundy, the Old Light, abandoned in 1897, now features self-catering apartments.

It is divided into north-facing Lower and Upper apartments, so four to five people can sleep respectively. For those with height concerns, a pocket-sized granite keeper’s store nearby provides a charming solitary retreat for one.

Built in 1958 as Scotland’s first electrically operated lighthouse in uk, Strathy Point now offers several away-from-the-fray crash pads, including The Bothy.

Surrounded by a dramatic coastline, this modern accommodation is an ideal pit stop for those driving the North Coast 500. While pubs or restaurants may be lacking in the vicinity, Tesco can conveniently deliver groceries here.

Soaring at a vertiginous 40m, this black-and-yellow-striped lighthouse is one of the tallest on the Irish coast. Initially used as a marker for a Titanic test run in 1912, its light was automated in the 80s. It is maintained by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, and its two homely keeper’s cottages, Ketch and Sloop, make it the best choice for exploring the north-east. Hiking by Strangford Lough or heading into Belfast for a visit to The Great Light are among the nearby attractions.

These lighthouses in Uk, each with its unique history and character, offer a place to stay and enjoy the maritime heritage and stunning coastal landscapes of the UK. If you are seeking solitude, adventure, or simply a mind-blowing view, these lighthouse accommodations promise to give you a premium experience.

You must need to know, one of the most important facts to consider when passing by a lighthouse in the United Kingdom is the depth of the water. So keep away from them. No doubt, there are so many new instrument inventions are used to control water flow near lighthouses, but in the past, lighthouses were the only means of navigation in its surrounding areas. So the deep water is So far to reach immediately. This thing is just for securing visitors.

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