Incredible Weight Loss Journey of Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia is a well-known actor and comedian in the Hollywood industry. His career in acting started when he was cast back then in 1998 for the role of Hector Lopez on the television show Backer. The actor came into this world on April 28, 1973. Jorge spent his childhood and grew up in California as he and his family moved from Omaha, Georgia where he was born. After graduating with a degree in communication studies from the University of California in 1995. He developed his interest in acting so after that he enrolled himself in Beverly Play House acting school to follow his passion.

Jorge Garcia Career

Jorge Garcia is famous for his comedian role with a bright smile and golden hair. People started recognizing him after he appeared in the Backer television show in 2003, which was then followed by a famous role Hugo Reyes in the series Lost, which is by far the best and biggest role that he has played so far. These shows were the game changer, which boosted his career in the industry. Right after that, he appeared in back-to-back Television shows and movies which was surely the peak period of his acting career.

Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey

Jorge Garcia was always been a foodie guy who loves eating food. His heavy body or large stature never came between his career path because he never allowed it. However, this 50-year-old actor with a history of being obsessed liked by his family and his fans regardless of his weight as they like and accept him as he is.

Weight loss was never in the book of Jorge Garcia as he loves himself with his 400 lbs. weight as well as his convincing acting. He was offered the role of Hugo Ryes in 2003 but the filmmakers asked him to lose 30Ibs to adjust and fit for his long-term role in Lost (2004 to 2010).  For the sake of this project, Jorge Garcia changed himself or at least tried it. He knew that he had to make changes in his routine to embark on his journey and decrease the risk of diseases that he knew he may have if he did not alter his lifestyle.

He Switching the Fatty Food with Nutrients

His weight loss journey was a tough road just like the rest of us because shedding the weight is not just as easy as putting on. He claims that his journey to weight loss was never smooth and he had many setbacks and frustration period. He did everything he could from switching the fatty food with nutrients and vegetables to a regular workout routine. Jorge Garcia American actor was doing great and his body responded positively by shedding 30lbs in 2006. He did all for the sake of the role and acting because it was his passion but not for himself and his health which was degrading day by day.

Unfortunately, he gave up and came back to his old eating patterns. All of that hard work goes all in vain. He gained more and more weight and reached up to 400 pounds which was the end of the line for him. Now his family starts worrying about him, in 2014 his weight gets him to various diseases. The doctor warned him that his obesity was taking him closer to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and eventually heart stroke. If he does not control his weight his family could lose him or he may end up his life with his hand. Due to his unhealthy and overeating habits, the specialist recommended him to do Gastric bypass surgery to lose weight but Jorge refused it.

Weight Loss Strategies

Jorge Garcia now understands the severity of his health which he took for granted. Luckily he took things in his hand and started trying out different diets and weight-losing strategies but nothing worked for him. He did not give up or lose his motivation to shred the weight. He made lots of changes in his habits to his diet in the period between 2014 and 2017. His number of life-changing choices that he made leads to showing ultimate and eye-witnessing results. He lost 100 pounds by totally becoming a vegan and following a plant-based diet called the Nooch diet, which works best for him. He omits all animal products, fatty foods, dairy products, and processed meals from his diet and eats vegetables, fruits, and protein.

Does Jorge Garcia do exercise?

A good and healthy weight loss journey does not only include diet but also comes with exercise just like what Jorge Garcia did. He did intense workouts from jogging to pushing up as well as breathing exercises. He did 11 different exercises and made a comb of them to enjoy them in a different way and on different occasions. Jorge Garci 2023 did arm circles, wrist and neck rotation, pushups, sit-ups, neck rotation, stairs climbing and descending, air cycling, and face and breathing exercises are some exercises that he does as primary activity. He also backed up his exercises with jogging and arm wrestling. He came this far with proper consultation with a dietitian and personal trainer, who helped him in the challenging task of losing weight.

Did Jorge Garcia have gastric bypass surgery?

 Rumors were spreading that Jorge Garcia had undergone gastric bypass surgery to lose weight but it is not true. The actor denies these all false acquisitions as he never went through it and there is no proof of it either.


Gorge Garcia is proof that anyone can lose weight it is all about dedication and consistency. He adopted the Nooch diet which is yeast-free with a proper nutrient diet. He consumed high-fiber, protein-rich, and vegetable-rich foods. We never underestimate the power of extensive exercise just like he did to trim his body and transform himself into a new and better version of himself. It took five years for him to reach his sustainable weight and it all comes with changing habits and determination.

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